Friday, July 2, 2010

Enquiring Mind

We record "The Little Mermaid" series on the disney channel because our kids enjoy it. Today, there was a commercial for the Jonas Brothers that showed a bunch of girls screaming and waving etc.

Parker: Mom, if the Jonas brothers came to our door would you scream?

Me: Well, if I did scream, it would be because they scared me.

Parker: Laughing

Me: I think only the young girls scream about the Jonas Brothers, not usually the Mommies. :)


melissa said...

Speak for yourself, dude. Those guys are hot.

It was so great to meet your darling children! Thanks for letting us stop by and for the delicious cookies!

Heather said...


Oh man, the pleasure was all ours! We loved it and meeting YOUR darling children! :D

Rich said...

Liar! :)