Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where's the fiiya?

Greg was in the parking lot at his work today talking to a co-worker when they smelled smoke. They looked across the street and saw flames coming up from the hay that was spread around the building and around these AC units with wires everywhere (I can only assume for growing grass or maybe it was pine straw to keep weeds from growing.) Side note: We know someone whose house caught on fire from hot grease dripping from their grill on the back deck onto pine straw that was spread underneath the deck. Be careful everyone. Maybe mulch is the way to go. Back to the story: So Greg runs over and starts stomping on the flames and yells to his co-worker to go get a fire extinguisher. She does and throws it to him and he puts out the fire. That's my boy. :) Then the fire fighters arrived to check it out and say thank you and he got an honorary fire fighter badge. Just kidding about the badge. That is what happened on Clifford. But it was still exciting to be a volunteer fire fighter for the day. Afterward, everyone in his office said he smelled like beef jerky because of the smoke.

In other news, my brother Shaun is getting married in June. We are having an open house at my house, and you are all invited. More to come later on that. Come eat cake! :) The other exciting thing is that all of the Brady siblings will be there and I get to meet my brother Derek's daughter for the first time. :)


The Mrs. said...

What a hero!
They should've given him a badge!
At least one of the little sticker ones they hand out to all the kids ;)

Congrats to your brother!!

Alyssa said...

Congrats for your brother getting married!!
I laughed about the firefighter story- Coming from AZ, I was appalled when our rental community lined all of the houses with pine straw aka FIRE HAZARD!

Gail said...

Way to go Greg! Too bad they didn't get News coverage ( :
I think it was newsworthy, don't you?
Miss you guys!

Rob said...

They DIDN'T give him a plastic badge? He got robbed! See if he ever puts out another fire!

Rich said...

WOOO! Margaret's career path has definitely shifted a little bit towards fire fighter today!

Congrats to Shaun!

HAYHAY said...

Oh I wish I could be at that reception!!

Ha, the badge comment made me laugh out loud. THat is funny.

He DOES deserve one (like Clifford).

Heather said...

Wish you could be there too Hailey!! :D