Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Statue Game

We used to play this for Family Night when I was little and we played it with our kids last night and had such a fun time that I thought I'd share.

Person who is "it" is the shopper in a statue store. He/she says "I am looking for a statue of...(Fill in the blanks here and get creative): Star Wars Characters, sports figures, ballerinas, disney characters, you choose, alien, creative, weird, sea creatures etc.

Then He/She says "Go statues go" and closes his/her eyes and counts to 10. When he/she says 10, the statues have to freeze. The shopper then walks through the store commenting on the different "statues" and chooses his/her favorite, who then becomes the next shopper. It is really fun and funny and we played it for over an hour and they still didn't want to stop playing.

Good Memories! :) :) And yes! I should have taken pictures! Next time for sure. :)

Also statues are allowed to tell you what they are if they like, which is also very humorous. Also, If you move while the shopper is looking at you, then you are disqualified and can't be bought (be lenient for very young statues).

Have fun!

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Cara K said...

What a cute game!
I'm sure my inventive little ones would love it. We're going to try it next Family Night.
Thanks for the wonderful idea!!!