Friday, April 16, 2010

The best days...

are when you have nothing that has to be done and nowhere you have to be. They seem to get fewer and father between but I sure do enjoy them when they come. Remember making birds nests out of play-dough? Meadow and I had a great time making a bird family and worms for them to eat and of course chocolate chip play-dough cookies because they are so fun to poke.

Ever since Easter, she loves to hunt for things. She asks me to hide her dinosaurs, go-fish cards etc. so that she can find them again. She also has roll-plays with her little princess dollies. One conversation that I overheard this week.

Cinderella: "I am going to marry the prince."

Sleeping Beauty: "But I was going to marry the prince first."

Cinderella: "Ok."

Sleeping Beauty: "Let's go play."

Cinderella: "Ok."

hehehe. :)

Parker is really learning and growing too. He likes to tell us that 5 + 5 = 10 and 8 + 8 = 16, etc. He really is a great little reader and I love hearing the inflections that he uses. He came home today with two drawings that two little friends made him. One was of Anakin Skywalker and one of Boba Fett. He was so happy. His favorite thing about school he told us recently is when his class gets to go to "Technologies and play games on the computers." I just can't believe how much growth occurs in such a short time when they are this age. A couple of kids in his Kindergarten class have lost a tooth already. It might seem silly, but I can't believe it's already time to start losing teeth. Woah.

Photoshoot of Parker coming soon. :)


Robin Barnes said...

What a sweet "letter" from mommy to her kids

melissa said...

She looks cute and fun to be with. Why do our twin children live so far apart? It seems to be one of life's cruelties.

The Mrs. said...

I totally agree...way too few and far
It flies by so fast. But isn't that why we're writing it all down and taking pictures? So that when they're pouty, moody and too-cool teenagers we can remember these days when they're so much fun!

HAYHAY said...

What a beautiful little girl. Oh they grow too fast don't they?
I love those days also. If I had my way I'd make them happen more often for everyone.

David and Stephanie said...

Ever since Easter, our kids too have got us doing treasure hunts after every family home evening. They haven't figured out that we switched it around and instead gather their toys firstand then say, where would you find this? and they end up putting away their toys without even knowing it. hee hee