Tuesday, February 9, 2010

When you are a Grandma...

Driving in the Car

Parker: "Mom, when you are a Grandma are you going to be nice to my kids?"

Me: (wondering if he honestly thought I wouldn't or if he just wanted me to tell him about the kinds of things I would do when I was a Grandma. I decided it must be #2. Thankfully it was. lol. )

"Oh yes! I am going to love them so much and give them hugs and kisses all of the time and come visit and play with them and take them to the park and sing to them and read them stories and bring them surprises."

Parker: "What kind of surprises will you bring them?"

Me: "Well, that all depends on the kinds of things that they like. If they like Star Wars then I will bring them Star Wars surprises and other treats."

Parker: "I am going give them surprises too."

Me: "They will love that. You are going to be a wonderful Dad someday Parker."

Parker smiling and feeling pleased about the whole situation of the future.

It was a good moment :)


Katie said...

The little things ARE the big things. I love you Heather. What a wonderful and amazing mother you are, Happy Valentines day. Aunt leeny

Gail said...

How sweet....those tender moments are meant to share and remember. Thanks Heather....I agree....you are a great mom.

HAYHAY said...

How cute. I LOVE your conversations with Parker. He is such a bright little guy.