Sunday, February 28, 2010


Greg filmed and directed a video for the Carolina Ballet through his current job that the ballet showed to the investors at a fundraising gala. It was immensely successful and the director of the ballet told us that they raised 4 x the amount of money that they normally raise. They contributed this to the video and this is the first year that they have shown a video at such an event. GO GREG and Mindworks!!

Here is a portion of the video for your viewing pleasure ;)

Well they were so pleased with it that they gave us tickets to the show and took us backstage to meet the dancers before and after the show. It was a really neat experience and it was fun to watch them warm up and get ready for the show.
I was quite possibly the most excited of the bunch. Here we are checking out Cinderella's costumes. Meadow was a little bit star struck and Parker was Prince Charming in his clone trooper costume.

Meeting one of the Step Sisters

After Cinderella told them that she wore her prettier dress later in the show and that these were just her rags Parker told her "I think they are both beautiful." All of the ladies said "Awwww!"

Touching Cinderella's glass slippers. :)

After the show.
We were leaving around 10:00 pm and Parker was having a major meltdown in front of the auditorium because he didn't want to leave and he was really tired (we were outside thankfully! lol) A super compassionate rickshaw driver and former mountain bike racer from Colorado, who totally understood because he has three kids of his own, offered to give us a ride back to the car for free since there were no other patrons outside at the time. We at least gave him a tip. So here are the kiddos riding to the car in a rickshaw with a warm blanket. What a night!


Meredith said...

That is so cool! You always do great things with your kids.

Gail said...

How cool! What great memories and photos to boot!