Monday, January 4, 2010

Ring out the old, ring in the new

New Years Eve this year was incredible! We spent the day before hanging out with Greg's Parents and Grandmother. Then, on New Years Eve they took the kids to the science center and to a movie and then kept them overnight while Greg and I, his Cousin Jason and his lovely wife Kelly got to spend the day in and around Asheville thrift shopping and eating yummy food – YEAH! We scored some good books etc. and had a great time looking at our leisure. Here is one of the favorite shirts (hand crafted!) we ran into but didn't purchase although it was tempting ;):

We ate dinner at a neat asian place called Doc Chey's where we had the best soup ever. It was called coconut chicken soup. Sweet, spicy, creamy deliciousness. I would have been happy to have a swimming pool full of it. The picture does it no justice but here it is anyway:

All of this fun building up to the highlight of seeing our current favorites and local musical geniuses THE AVETT BROTHERS in concert at a sold out show at the Asheville Civic Center! And oh, what a concert. One of the best we've seen.

Here is the beginning of the line at about 4:30:

Greg and I decided that even though we are getting old and even though we stood outside in the cold for 2 hours before even getting into the colosseum that we had to be up close and personal and stand on our feet for 6 more hours. lol. At the end of the night my feet hated me for it, and I walked into our hotel in sock feet because I couldn't bear the thought of putting my shoes back on but it was worth it! We ended up being about 10 feet from the stage with a great view. And the music was so wonderful we couldn't help but dance shoulder to shoulder with the other sardines. The band paused to count down the new year and confetti followed by fake snow filled the colosseum. It was awesome. They played for almost an hour after that. These were the best two videos we could find online:

The two opening bands were also very good and interesting.

Sally Ford and the Sound Outside (Also grew up in NC). Sort of a like a Billie Holiday 1940's sound but updated and modern. Very fun to listen to.

Langhorn Slim - A folk rocker with amazing energy. Very fun and an amazing performer. His voice sounded like a mix between Cat Stephens and Paul Simon maybe.

We got to sleep in (even though my eyes blinked open at 8) and have a lovely breakfast and them home to our cutie pies. A fun time for all. We hope everyone is enjoying 2010!

I heart Asheville.

And here is Meadow pretending that she is an AT-AT. :)


melissa said...

Nice! Way to do New Year's right. So where can I get that yellow cowboy shirt? My preciouuuuuus.

holly said...
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holly said...

sounds like you guys had a blast! wish we could have been there with you! HaPpY 2010!! xoxo

Shalene said...

You are in sooooo much trouble!