Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Funny Girl

I picked up Meadow from Preschool today and on the way back to the house we had the following conversation:

Me: Meadow, what would you like to eat for lunch? ( And then I listed some options)

Meadow: It's a secret.

Me: Well, how will I know what to feed you?

Meadow: Say the magic words and I will tell you.

Me: Please?

Meadow: No, say the magic words in the house and I will tell you.

Me: What are the magic words?

Meadow dramatically: Falling leaves.

Me, solemnly, upon entering the house (Meadow looking up expectantly): Falling leaves.

Meadow: A hotdog!!


K.Q. said...

This is why it's a good idea to have kids. And a blog. Smiling is my favorite.

Gail said...

so funny....

HayHay said...

She has quite the imagination! What a little cutie.

allyn said...

she is so your child, heather.