Saturday, July 4, 2009

To the Beach

We went to Carolina Beach for a couple of days before Parker starts Kindergarten next week. Agggghhh! I sort of feel like I am on the edge of a cliff getting ready to jump or be pushed off. I wish that I had until September with my little big guy but at least we will have more time together during breaks from School. I have to admit it is a little sad and I am a little nervous for his full days away from home but I think that he will probably adjust just fine.

The beach was great. We celebrated Grandma Debbie's birthday, wooo!, and also did a 2 hour Pirate boat tour which is something we had not done before and the kids really enjoyed it. Our pirate guide told us some pirate history and legends of the North Carolina Coast and demonstrated how to load and shoot an authentic pirate gun. He actually shot it and it was amazingly loud but we were forewarned and covered the kids ears. Ships in the 1700's and earlier would come into Wilmington sound because they could remain pretty hidden and from there they could see the tops of the sails of other ships passing by on the ocean. Which is how Topsail Island got it's name. Pirates hidden there could determine whether or not they wanted to attack a certain ship by it's size or if they could determine where the ship came from. Spanish ships were targeted because they normally contained more gold and treasure. And now you know...the rest of the story.

This was a picture that CRACKED us up hanging in the beach condo we were renting. It seemed very random and out of place but I was so glad it was there to make us laugh. There was also no railing on the top bunk so we improvised with an ironing board and an oven rack. :)


Candie said...

KIndergarden already! But it's still summer, I'm confused!?!?!?
Those are some great pictures, love the sunset!

Heather said...

Year Round School, track 3, Do they have that is Washington State?

Candie said...

Nope! Thank goodness, I guess!
Do you like the all year school?

Heather said...

In theory I do although this year will be the test. It seemed like the thing to do with Greg's schedule and I think Parker will do well with shorter breaks, but I'll let ya know :)

Rich said...

lol, you guys are hilarious - and that pirate tour sounds awesome!

vroom vroom!

Kerri said...

I just LOVE Carolina Beach!