Tuesday, June 23, 2009


While I was away at girls camp last week, Greg took good care of the children. On Thursday he took them up to visit his parents and they went to a heroes convention in Charlotte. There were all kinds of heroes and toys to look at. Many of the toys at the convention are difficult to find in stores and of course Grandma and Grandpa Winters couldn't resist buying each of them something. :) Meadow chose a Wonder Woman and Parker chose a Star Wars toy of course. They had a super time posing with the heroes and seeing all of the sights. I mean, what could be better than meeting Anakin and holding hands with the Captain of the Clone Troopers?!?!?! :) In fact, as soon as Parker saw the clone troopers, he saluted them and they saluted back. lol!

Greg called Meadow "Bat Girl" and she quickly corrected him and told him she was Bat WOMAN.

On the way out of the convention Meadow said "Bat Woman is tired."


Karissa said...

the one with med and rainbow brite,,,she looks so much like laney...the maters are doing great so far- thanks heath! Those are some awesome picts- I meant to tell target has a pretty neat yoda pillow if park needs one for his new room. I mean it is pretty much a stuffed yoda rather than a pillow with a picture of him on it.

Rich said...

wow, awesome!! One of my favorite web comic authors was there with a booth. His comic is:


He does several other family friendly comics as well. Cool stuff Greg.

Gail said...

cute photos...glad they enjoyed it and weren't scared.

allyn said...

parker looks extremely disappointed in that fat super man. he's looking down in shame.
that sounds like a fun outing the the gparents.

Robin said...

Reading your blog is always a highlight of my day!