Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Part 2 - The art of being shy

"It's a good thing we don't know how attractive we are. We would run the risk of becoming arrogant and losing the most endearing of all qualities - lack of self-importance.

When pressed, we will confess to having a few agreeable anatomical features, such as nice shoulders, strong legs, or slender ankles, but most of us grossly underestimate our physical appeal. We are never fully aware of our real charms - the way we sip our tea, the way we sing off-key, the way we dance till three.

Let's be frank: We are all shy. In private most of us have unflattering opinions of our physiques. With reason. We are constantly reminded that our bodies don't measure up to stringent contemporary standards of perfection. So much so that on bad days our inner mirrors would have us believe that we are hunchbacked - like the gargoyles of Notre Dame..........

.....Let's ignore the latest theories on self-acceptance and self esteem that want us to celebrate the way we look. None of us really knows what we look like, so why get all worked up about it....

"It is as hard to see one's self as to look backward without turning around." ~ Henry David Thoreau

Whether you think that you are too thin or too fat, don't bother going on a diet. Counting calories doesn't work. Instead, come down from your mental perch and get reacquainted with your physical self. Exercise helps - and so does visualizing the Oneness of It All (mind and body working together)."

It's you and me body. We're in this together. Thanks for carrying me through life, for the things we have accomplished together. I will try to take care of you.

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