Sunday, April 19, 2009

Earth Day Celebrations

The Museum of Art had an Earth Day festible as Meadow calls it. It was a pretty Saturday and Grandma and Grandpa Winters were in town visiting as an extra bonus :)

We enjoyed all of the live bands. Well, except for one troupe that got up there and made frog noises that sure didn't sound like any frogs I've ever heard. I am not doing this any justice with my description. That song was terrible! But we'll give them points for bravery. hahaha. We also enjoyed making some music of our own, clay modeling, leaf printing and checking out some animals that call NC home.

Meadow's duck

and Darth Vader of course :)

Pretty cool energy and water efficient hand washing station

Fun Earth Day Craft - Leaf printing

1 flat Piece of wood or hard surface covered in wax paper
Lay 1 piece of cloth over that
Choose some green leaves and lay them on the cloth dark green side down (veined side up)
Cover with another sheet of Wax paper taped down so that it won't move
Pound leaves with rubber mallet to get the juice from the leaves to leave a print on the cloth
and Voila! The kids loved this one of course!

Watching the bees make honey. The bee keepers said that eating a tsp of local honey a day would help boost immunity to the different regional pollens. Definitely worth a try since it couldn't really hurt anything!


Alyssa said...

You guys always do the FUNNEST stuff! We need to just look at your blog posts to see what we should do with our kids! lol

Rich said...

that looks like great fun guys. we ended up staying at home and planting tomatoes and monkey/mondo grass, etc.

I think the Art Museum would have been a lot more fun! Then again, the Caldwells got to hear the Connells.....

Heather said...

Woah Caldwells! The Connells definitely take the fun cake ;)

Well at least the tomatoes will pay off! We just planted some too.

Heather McKeon said...

I love that Parker made a clay Darth Vader. Hilarious!

Man, I'm jealous of the Caldwells- I was just thinking about going to a Connells concert. I wish I had known...

aubreyp said...

I have heard about the honey thing for allergies, so thank you for giving me the motivation to actually do it. I have some local honey, so I will have to start donning my toast with honey and substitute those PB&J's with H instead of J.