Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Following the jelly bean trail

We didn't tell them to look at each other, they just did. This was my Easter present :)

We were finally able to get Parker into a pair of pants that didn't have an elastic waist. He has quite an aversion to zippers and buttons. This morning, he didn't even argue. I only had to reassure him that they were not jeans. This was my other Easter present!

Our friends and neighbors driving by and offering to take a picture of the entire family, my third Easter present. :) Thank you Packhams!

Sacrament at Church today was pretty much a disaster with little miss Meadow. She usually does well but today was pretty awful, the worst she's had so far I'd wager. We spent most of the time in the lobby, but hey, a girl can only ask for so many Easter presents. ;) We sat back in the overflow today and someone from the choir after sacrament joked "What was up with your child today?" Yes my girl does have some pipes. On another humorous note...We bring our own bread for the sacrament because of the kids' wheat and egg allergies. We wrap it and take it up front and they put it on a special tray with special bread from 3 or 4 other families and it is blessed with the other bread. When our bread comes, we unwrap it and everyone takes a piece. Greg is usually the last one to get a piece and for the 4th week running, one of the kids...or I...have accidently knocked his piece of bread onto the floor. I think Greg is beginning to expect to have to eat his bread from the floor.


Rich said...

you guys look great! Thanks for posting some fun easter pictures.

lol @ Greg's bread. I think he should get to pick first next time!

Candie said...

3 second rule! Bread is still good!!! :-) A little dirt won't harm anyone, right?!?!?!?

Great pictures!!!

Elisa Barnes said...

You have such a sweet family... Happy Easter!

Rachel C. said...

I remember when we finally got my brother to wear pants without an elastic waist. It was probably 1st grade. He wore sweatpants and sweatshorts FOREVER! But was sure cute!

Robin said...

Oh Princess Leia. If it makes you feel any better I could hear Weston yelling and Mike shushing all the way up in the choir seats. But I never heard Meadow. :)

Lisa said...

Great pics...nice suit Heather! I need new church clothes, LOL!

I wondered what you did about Sacrament bread. Thanks for the explaination!

Catie said...

Happy Easter! It was great to see you all yesterday. The pic of the kids looking at each other is the best!! I love when I get a great shot when not trying because trying to get great shots never seems to work!

meredith.campbell said...

What a pretty family! I want a Meadow of my own. The dress, the pigtails, the miniature cardigan, her little adorable face, all of it.