Friday, October 3, 2008

October is a great time to go to the beach!

We decided to do a day trip to the beach this week. We weren't feeling quite right about ending the summer without a beach trip so we loaded up the van and off we went. Here are our favorite tips for a successful day trip.
1. The sooner you can leave the better so pack the night before. Bring beach umbrellas/tent if you have them.
2. The morning of, pack a cooler with lots of snacks and lunch so you don't have to leave the beach if you don't want to.
3. Drive around until you find a public beach access with a outdoor shower.
4. Bring a bar of soap and extra towels to shower off with at the end of the day. Warn the children that the shower water is a little cold (like the ocean) and see how brave they can be. Can shower in swimsuits and wash out the suits as well, or hold up a towel for privacy while de-sanding.
5. Bring a big garbage bag to put all of the sandy clothes, towels etc. in.
6. After you de-sand the children, put them in their pajamas for the ride home. They just might be asleep before you get out of the parking lot. :)


Anonymous said...

Going to the beach in October is only a good idea if you live somewhere warm. Good thing you live somewhere warm. I'm a little jealous you went to the beach.

K.Q. said...

That looked like fun! I took sweet cheeks to the beach last week when we were home for a visit and she loved the sound of the wind and the ocean, because she slept so well. But she hated the sand blowing in her face. Oh well. Maybe next summer will be better.
I got the apples from a guy at church that drove to somewhere in Georgia to get them. They were only $20 a bushel, and they were all in excellent condition. If you're looking for some and don't want to get them at the farmers market, I would check the internet for u-pick farms.

Alice said...

Those are great pictures and I agree with all of your tips. The sequence of your pictures was great - especially the last one. Sleeping children makes the ride home almost like a date! Almost.

Luke and Linds said...

That would be fun to live close to the beach. You have such a cute family.

Shalene said...

My favorite picture is the one of Meadow walking on the beach by herself.

Cara said...

You know it's a successful trip when the kids pass out in identical uncomfortable contorted positions in thier carseats!