Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Fair Experience

We went to the State Fair today today with our canned food and had a great time for only 40 bucks! We had fun seeing the animals and all of the sites and the kids played one of the fishing games where you always win a prize. We couldn't rationalize spending TWENTY dollars for the 4 of us to ride the ferris wheel this year but we let Parker choose his favorite ride to ride (Meadow was asleep in the stroller) and they let me go with him for free because we started to leave when we saw the sign that said "must be accompanied by paid adult." Then off to one of our favorite parts of the fair where they make delicious fresh apple cider freezies and the blue grass band plays and it smells like kettle corn. :) Before leaving, we had to get one frozen cheesecake dipped in chocolate to share (I call it happiness on a stick), cotton candy for the kids, and check out the "world's smallest horse, too small for even a baby to ride" for 50 cents. One flying pony on a stick and a light up light saber- $9, leaving the fair with happy children, tired feet and smelling like a combination of farm animals and smoke - priceless :)


melissa said...

Chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick?!!! State Fair, have you been reading my diary?

I love that picture of them on the bench. Great shot.

Rich said...


We went to the fair on Wednesday and had a blast as well. We ended up staying WAY too late because we had to watch the Circle K racing pigs, and we sent Erika and Aydan on the ferris wheel, which was $4/person!

We of course had NC State Ice Cream, ate dinner at the Mount Zion Methodist cafe, ate some natural Maple (syrup) Cotton Candy, milked the cows with the NC State Vet crew, toured the Field of Dreams, etc.

It was a really fun time and we tucked the kids in bed at 11:15 pm on a school night. We are really good parents.

Heather said...

Man, we love the racing pigs too! We missed the show by an hour though so we'll have to make sure to catch that next year!

11:15, that's awesome. You know they think you're the best parents in the universe! :)

Rich said...

hahaha - that is a good thing isn't it

There was a bit of a meltdown at about 10:00pm when a certain 4 year old let everyone within a half mile know she was absolutely not going to walk to the car.

David & Lisa said...

The kids look like they had fun, great pics! I really wanted to see a picture of that miniature horse too small for a baby to ride (what the heck?)

meredith.campbell said...

Heather, you are pretty pretty pretty!

Heather said...

I love you Meredith. You ARE! And the sweetest :) Thanks - It must be the excitement for the cheesecake shining through. I should carry one around with me always. hehehe, can you imagine?! :)