Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We have a seven year old!

Parker turned 7 on the 10th and was on track-out from school. We invited his whole first grade class and went to a giant indoor playground called rainbow play spaces. They make and sell outdoor play equipment and furniture and have this room to rent for birthday parties. Since his class was on track-out, we had the party on his actual birthday (a Thursday) during the day and it was much cheaper - hooray! Also hooray for buy one get one free cupcakes at Lowes that week. :) The kids had a blast playing, took a break for star wars cupcakes, and then went back and played some more! They were excited to see each other because school had been out for 2 weeks.

We did the yearly birthday tradition of watching the next episode of Star Wars. We were on Phantom Menace this year and Parker was soooo excited. He loved it when Darth Maul fell in the pit and he loved the speeder races.

Happy Birthday to our big sweet guy. Love you oodles and bunches!


Candie said...

Looks like a blast! They grow up fast, huh? Kaden is going to be 8 in May!

Laura Crenshaw Chabo said...

I love the pics of the party! Looks super fun! Also I LOVE the necklace Meadow's wearing at the party!! I think I had that exact same one when I was her age!