Monday, February 21, 2011

Elementary School Valentine's Day memories

Let's have fun sharing. What is your best (this could also mean worst) elementary school valentines day memory?

I walked Parker into school on Valentines day and it was so cute to see everyone with their little bags and shoe boxes full of valentines. One of the teachers in the hall said "There is nothing better than the kindergarten and first grade halls on Valentines Day. It all goes down hill from there." :)

Ok, my most memorable Valentines Day memory from Elementary school happened in 3rd grade. There was a boy named Mark Stone who chased me on the playground sometimes and who I thought was cute. My friend and I sometimes tried to play football with the boys (but I don't think they ever passed it to us). Anyway, I knew that this Mark liked football. Well it was Valentines Day and I happened to have a shiny golden football sticker in my collection and I took it out of my sticker book and put it in my pocket to bring to school and give to him. Later that day after recess when we were lining up to go back inside the classroom I got up the courage to give it to him and he tore it into pieces and threw it on the the ground and his friends laughed. True Story. hehehehe!! I wish I had a scanner. In my third grade class picture I am standing by him, lol.


Candie said...

Haaa, I remember Mark. Though since you did go to a different elementary school than me, I didn't know you had a crush on him. Didn't everyone by the time we reached 6th grade? :-)

Robin Barnes said...

My memory of V-day is from Feb 14, 1990. 10th grade. Bryan Vickery gave me a "walking" balloon. It was a HUGE heart with arms and legs whose "hand" I held and it walked with me. I had a dentist appointment that afternoon, left the balloon in the car and came out to discover that it had popped! I was destroyed and tried to blow into it and tape it together! Ugh. Two hearts broken. Funny though, I use that story every year when I teach Charles' law in chemistry (that as temp increases volume increases). I get very dramatic and literally almost cry every time. The kids find it hilarious that I'm so upset and they'll remember Charles' law forever!