Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cry me a river

Top four things I have cried about since I have been pregnant. There really is something to these hormones.

4. Watching the older girls perform at Meadow's dance recital because I could fast forward in my mind and see her there.

3. Watching Shaun's new wife dance with her Father because I cannot imagine giving my daughter away even if it is 20 years from now.

2. Going through the drive through at Chick-fil-a crossroads because the teenager in the drive through window looked like my Grandma Claire who is in heaven. Had the same eyes, face shapes, hair color. I imagine this is what she must have looked like as a teenager. She is a wonderful, missed woman.

1. At Red Robin Restaurant waiting for a take-out order because I HAD to have a bonsai chicken sandwich, I was looking at the old posters hanging on the wall and the one of a couple kissing had dates on it and I realized that these two people who were so in love might not be together right now because it is very possible that one of them has died already. I had to bite my lip and blink quickly so I wouldn't cry on that one.

And this my friends is how my mind works when I am expecting.


Danae said...

Those are cute things to cry over. We went to the temple tonight and there was a little old couple, he had a cane, she was in a wheel chair. In the celestial room they wheeled her over by him and she said all she wanted was to hold his hand for a few minutes. It was so sweet, brought tears to my eyes and a few others in the room. I just thought that that is what it is all about. Eternal marriage for reals. I imagined them young and in love and how great it is to see them many years later and still in love.

KQ said...

So sweet. Too bad I still tear up at things like that, and those hormones are long gone! Good luck the rest of your pregnancy. :)

Robin said...

I get that way when I am pregnant, too. However, mine never goes away. I still cry at silly things (car commercials, Disney movies, that show with the babies being born... gets me every time).

Meredith said...

Waaait a minute. How did I miss this? I keep up with your blog, but had no idea you were pregnant! Congratulations! When are you due? We're having another too, due on Christmas Day.

Tisha said...

that's awesome! I actually have random emotional moments like that even when I'm NOT pregnant :) so no worries :) I think it's part of being a mom! changes you forever!