Sunday, November 1, 2009

Adventures in Halloween

Meadow was sick this Halloween, but she is feeling much better now. She was about 8 hours without a fever when it was time to trick or treat. We decided to take her out with Parker up and down two streets before most of the other kids came out. She was content to stay in her stroller a little way away from the doors so I got candy for her and brought it to her. The pink princess costume was very fitting. Here is your candy your highness. :)

She actually had a hard time picking whether she wanted to be a T-Rex or a pink princess this year. She truly has been enamored with dinosaurs since she was 2 and still is a year later. At night she has to have her purple blanket and her dinosaur flash cards from the dollar section of Target. Here is a video that Greg shot today:

Meadow the Dinosaur Fanatic from Gregory Winters on Vimeo.

Parker had a hard time picking which Star Wars guy (is there any other option?) he wanted to be but ended up being Commander Fox, a clone trooper. Trick or Treating was a little tricky at the very beginning this year because he is is familiar with the candy he can have and sometimes a house will have no candy that he can have and he looked at me as if to say "what do I do now? " I told him if there was none that he could have to be gracious and take one anyway and say thank you and then I would trade him later for something he could have. A tootsie roll or hershey's for his reeses that I will go eat in the garage later. ;) He was tuckered out after half a block so I put him in the stroller and carried Meadow home in my really hot because of the unseasonably warm weather Christmas tree costume.

Greg ended up putting on his show at the neighbors' house this year because Meadow was still a bit sick. The set up would have required everyone to come in the front door and out the back door of the house and we didn't think people would appreciate it if we gave their children a nasty virus with their candy. We weren't going to do it at all, but when our neighbors heard, they insisted on Saturday Morning that he do it at their house. A video will be coming soon showing what he created for the kiddos this year. But here is a little preview...

Parker also had his last soccer game of the season on Halloween morning so Greg took him to that too. Parker was very excited about his gold medal! :)

Hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween!!


K.Q. said...

That video is HILARIOUS!! I can't stop laughing!

Cara K said...

adorable costumes!!
I can't believe that video! How adorable! She's like a paleontologist prodigy. Very impressive! And the way she was yelling them out, what a cutie-patootie!!

melissa said...

So much cuteness, I can't stand it! What a brilliant little girl you have. Parasoralaphous is a tricky one. Love your Christmas tree costume. I think our boys would be best buds if they knew each other. Greg does a "show" on Halloween?! I don't know exactly what that means, but I think it's awesome. You guys are the coolest.

Heather McKeon said...

Meadow is a genius - I especially love that she yells out "T-rex!" and then calmly says, "that's all." Too funny!