Saturday, October 17, 2009

What I learned at the Farmer's Market

Parker's Kindergarten had a field trip to the Farmer's Market on Friday and I got to help out but forgot to bring my camera. The class split into groups and did an A-Z scavenger hunt and we actually sort of found something for every letter. Quality produce was a stretch for Q as was eXcited children for X but hey...we only had 40 minutes. lol

I talked to a man who was selling big nice pumpkins and he said that he usually starts them from seed indoors in early July and lets them get a good start and then plants them outside.

Harvest is 90-120 days depending on the variety. Pretty easy to grow. Will grow anywhere on earth except for Antartica. :)


Gail said...

Good to know. Eldon is thinking about having the scouts raise some to help pay for camp.Now to find some land to do it on.

Heather said...

ooh! That is a good idea Gail!

Candie said...

That is good to know. Kaden wants to plant some next spring for some pumpkins next year. We tried this spring but our dog dug up the seeds!! Bummer. He was pretty bummed about it, so next year we will plant them in front and hope the squirrels don't get them! :-)