Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pretty little miss on the dinosaur trail

We visited the recently opened dinosaur trail at the Life and Science Museum in Durham with Meadow after her dance class and it made for some pretty cute pictures. :) She loved the trail and we wished it had been a little longer. However, Greg worked on a commercial for the opening of the trail and at the cost of $90,000 to create each of the larger dinosaurs, we totally understand why the trail is as long as it is. Parker was at school during Meadow's special birthday outing, but we will take him back to visit as soon as he tracks out.

Here is our cutie Parker with Blackbeard at the pirates exhibit.


allyn said...

those are awesome dinosaurs! do you have that book about the girl who wears her tutu everywhere? they should have added this to the list of places one could wear one.

Heather said...

We do not have that book. I'll check it out! :)

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