Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Famous on Etsy

Not really, i don't know who this person is but LOOK at the beautiful, amazing handbags and clutches that Heather Crenshaw Mckeon makes!! I love them all. You must check them all out here.

Also when Heather and I were beehives in the Cary 1st ward, we used to pretend that we were siamese twins attached by the purse straps and we would walk down the halls that way. hahaha!

Coincidence Heather? I don't think so...fate...fate. ;)

This bag is perrrrfect for carrying your scriptures!! They fit perfectly with a little extra room for a small notebook or lesson book, a pack of know. I think these would make excellent gifts and Heather, seriously, did not tell me to say any of this.


Avni said...

Heather - These are gorgeous. I'm buying one for a friend for her birthday. P.S. You make an excellent model.

Candie said...

Heather you should take up modeling!!! Bags are so darn cute! Wish I would of seen this before I spent a fortune on my Kate Spade diaper bag.

Heather McKeon said...

Thanks for the free advertising Heather! And we are totally siamese twins joined at the purse string- hilarious! Thanks for being my fabulous model - you are the greatest and totally famous on etsy. mwah-mwah

allyn said...

i had NO idea that heather could sew. how lucky is she that she has a model/publicist on her side also. the bags are awesome. i must tell her!

CK said...

oh my goodness!!! look at you looking all fierce in your pics!!
You look AMAZING!
and Heather!!! OMG!! Those bags are incredible! I love love love them!
hint hint husband...birthday is fast approaching! ;)

Lisa said...

you look mahhhhvelous! love the photos, love the everything!

melissa said...

You could totally be America's Next Top Model. Heather is s crazy talented seamstress. I love picturing you ladies stuck together by purse strings. You crazy kids.

Heather said...

Thanks girls!! :)

Melissa, perhaps I could if it were the practically middle aged with a few stretch marks competition! hehehe :)

aubreyp said...

You are a model! One of the benefits of being tall and beautiful.

I really should blog more. I love reading yours. You are good about updating with lots of pics!