Thursday, August 13, 2009


Sweet Meadow trying out the twist and snap curlers from Grandma Debbie

P.S. The curlers worked great and they were comfortable to sleep in

Funny quote from Meadow yesterday:

She was watching Sleeping Beauty while I was making lunch and she came running into the kitchen:

"Mom! That bad Queen is making bad choices!"


K.Q. said...


Those curlers look a lot more comfy than those pink sponge ones we used to wear!

melissa said...

She looks like such a sweet girl. Do we get to see pictures of the finished product?

My favorite thing about the sponge curlers was how one of them always fell out during the night and I'd have a random bunch of straight hair. Pretty.

Heather said...

She's my sweet heart.

lol, yeah one of my curlers always fell out too. So last Sunday morning when I took them out and she looked so darling, I got camera out and the battery was dead of course. I 'll try again this weekend :)

Lisa said...

Ya know, the curlers look pretty cute as a hairdo by themselves! Love those expressions!