Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The Nativity Celebration - always a joy to attend. The live nativity in the lobby was especially cool. Parker couldn't get enough of it and kept sneaking out of the gym to see it again. I loved the feeling of peace about it.

Parker and his friend Max dressed up like "spies" after they got tired of being Wise Men. Here they are "blending in with the brown stable." Oh wait, maybe you can't see them, they're invisible. :)

Here are the kids with Brother Pine, the best Santa ever, at the Ward Christmas Party.


Rich said...

hahaha - love the spies!!

They look adorable in the picture with baby jesus.

We're going over tonight. Aydan and Regan are singing in the children's chorus.

Christmas is less than 2 weeks away!

Anonymous said...

I'm especially a fan of the wooden sheep. Although congrats to whoever convinced those teenage boys to play sheperds.

melissa said...

I love miniature Mary eating a candy cane. So peaceful.

Also, the pj's pictures. It looks like Christmas morning already!

Candie said...

What a great Nativity!!! We also have one too!!! It's at the Cathedral of Joy. We call it the Living Nativity! It's kinda like a play. We go from inside to outside they have a stable set up with real animals and of course the live people!! It's fantastic! I can't wait till the boys are a little older so can appreciate it more!

Merry Christmas!!!

Cara said...

awwe. Bish Pyne is the bestest santa E-V-E-R!!
Ugh, I miss Cary!!!