Saturday, August 30, 2008

Singles Ward Reunion because we can

A fun time had by all! For everyone who couldn't make it or didn't hear about it (we tried to get the word out to as many people as possible through facebook, email, blog, or word of mouth) Bishop Snyder and his wife are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary next year and he said we're all invited to that and to be looking for an email sometime next year. Also next time we throw a spur of the moment re-union we'll give much more advanced notice. It was so great to see everyone again. :)

Lost and Found:

David Henderson was the proud winner of the door prizes...
One small green backpack with digital camera, two baseball gloves (one adult, one youth size) and one white frisbee.

Seriously though, if any of this stuff belongs to you, e-mail me and I will give you his phone #, as these possessions are currently at his house. Thanks!!

Kate takes a shine to Harry.

Alice guarding the hot dogs from the children who wanted to take all of the ice out of the cooler :)
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The kids having fun getting really wet in the water fountain


Rich said...

ahhh! I can't believe we completely forgot about this! We had been planning to come all week, and totally spaced out!

I was at church all morning for sports and we had Aydan and Regan at a sleep over.

Sigh. We stink for missing it and we wish we could have seen everyone.

K.Q. said...

Looking at the pictures made me sad that we weren't there!! Maybe next year...

Heather said...

Rich and Erika, It's ok, those things happen. I know that has happened to us before. I saw that you guys had been planning to come, some others that had been a yes had things come up like the Chwaliks and Trussells were sick, Dawn King had something come up and The Barnes and Eva and her husband didn't make it. So you all were missed and we'll just have to have another one next year :) Also, I think it being labor day weekend and shorter notice made it a little smaller than we hoped for but still so much fun to see everyone that was there!

Kikka, we would have loved to see you guys and the new bebe! Good to know that the pictures made you want to be there. Good advertising for next time! :)

Angie (Drowns) Kelly said...

I wish I could have come!! At least Ava was there to represent some blood from the Drowns girls! I hope we can come next year. That was so nice of you to get that together! I'm sure you already know that Sharon had her baby on Sunday. Anyway..... maybe next year!

Alice said...

Thanks for pulling this together! It was great to see everyone. You can burn that picture of me sitting on the ice chest. I look like a wall flower. (maybe I am!) Those baseball gloves and the frisbee are ours. We're pretty bummed that we left them. I wrote David a message on facebook about getting them back. We'll work it out. Anyway, great pictures and thanks for being so fun!

Heather said...

Alice, you were not a wall flower! You were a hot dog guardian for just a few minutes (and very fun to catch up with)!! By the way I never ended up returning all of the extra hot dogs. I should have just given packs away to people. I never want to see a hot dog again. Well, not for awhile anyway... :)