Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's only Tuesday

I think we have arrived at the "terrific two's" with Meadow a month early. We have had some terrific tantrums this week and as well as some pretty funny buttering up going on. Today Meadow came up to me and hugged my legs and said "ohhhh, Mommy so coot" (cute) then she grabbed my hand and said "come on" and led me to the candy drawer where we keep the stash of dum-dums.

Shortly before this, we were in Target where I ran into a lady I haven't seen in awhile who said "Girl, you're looking tired." Which translates loosely to looking terrible. So thank you Meadow, I don't care if you did just want a lollipop. :)


Anonymous said...

Well now, tired doesn't always equal terrible. Sometimes it just means droopy eyed.

Kimberly said...

Dude, I just ignored someone at the store that I used to hang out with a lot because I knew he'd be thinking, ugh, what happened to HER! Let's get our terrific two (or almost two) year olds together to see how bad it can get!!!

Candie said...

Well I'm there!!! Kohen is almost 2, too! And man he has got some tantrums!!! :-) He's started thinking hes HE MAN and can lift and throw things!!! His face turns beat red and let me tell you I have to turn my head not to laugh.
Yes I know tired too!! I'm so tired I haven't worn my hair down in over one month!!! HEEE HEEEE

Robin said...

I've never seen you look a tad below fabulous!