Monday, May 5, 2008

Thought provoking quote

I am just full of things to say this week, sorry for the billion posts but I saw a quote painted on a wooden sign in a store recently that said "How your live your days is how you live your life." And it really made me think about what the sum of my life would be if I added up what I saw in individual days and about what each day may or may not contain. I think I am going to concentrate more on making individual days more meaningful and what that might include.


allyn said...

thank heaven for wooden plaques with vinyl lettered phrases.
that is a good thing to ponder on, though. i reviewed my day today and decided i should be more productive and patient.
thanks for the reminder, heather.

Cara said...

Ummm, I seriously need to re-evaluate my entire life...Thanks!

Kerri said...

WOW!!! I really hope I am not packing boxes for the rest of my life!