Saturday, May 3, 2008

A little garden

This was my little project while Greg was in Maine. We had an old tarp on the side of the house with plants on it that we had taken out last year with the good intentions of replanting in another location but never did. I decided it was time to drag it down to the road and when I moved it, it left a perfect little rectangle of dirt where we had killed the grass and I thought what a perfect spot for a garden! So there was a happy accident. At least from the old plants' misfortune springs new life! So I measured the area (6' x 4'), packed up the kids, went and bought some Cedar board, made a box, filled it with garden soil, and let the kids get really dirty. Meadow was not sure about getting dirty. She kept saying "Shoes!" "Messy!" "Shoes!" She does love her shoes. Then it was nap time so we are not finished yet, but there are yellow squash, tomatoes and green peppers going in the dirt today and I am excited! I will post progress photos!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new garden. I couldn't do mine this year, which makes me really sad. Next year we're relocating our garden and doubling it's size.

Emilia said...

You are such a cute mom and your kids are so adorable. I wish you could come visit us in Idaho!