Thursday, January 31, 2008

I've been tagged cont.

Jobs I've had
Custodian at Ricks college - cleaned bathrooms at 4am - whew, jobs were hard to come by there, I think I only lasted 3 months at that one. Staying up until 1 with your roomates and then going to clean toilets at 4 is pretty painful.
My first real job was working at TJ Maxx by Cary Town Center. I ran a register, tidied up the sales floor and worked in the fitting room.
Bookkeeper at Foodlion.
I modeled wedding gowns and dresses for a designer in Cary that came through my check-out line at foodlion. I also was in a commercial of hers for her dress shop that used to be in Crabtree mall that ran for a couple of years, and an add for a florist that ran a couple of times in the Triangle Bridal Guide. I auditioned for a Harley Davidson Fashion show after I was married (had to come prepared with a 2 minute dance and perform it) So I got to be in that and wear biker gear -hahahaha. My 5 minutes of fame.

What most people don't know about me
I have two screws in my right knee, I am independent to a fault, and I am a bit of a dare-devil. I am considering taking an adult ballet class because I think it would be fun to dance in toe shoes. Someday I would like to hike the Appalachian Trail, but I bet Greg and I will have to do it in pieces. I am scared of brown recluse spiders and don't really like any spiders or ticks or rats for that matter which will make staying in the shelters and hiking the AT very interesting at times I am sure! :)


The Kiggins Fam said...

HA! Loved the light fixture! The OCD in me would just sit and twitch at having a light bulb not working.
Love the new page set up

melissa said...

My sister worked as a janitor at Ricks, too! Weird. Also, I remember when my sisters found a picture of you in a bridal magazine and we had a big debate about whether it was you or a look-alike.

Heather said...

hehehe. That is hilarious! I may just have to dig it out and scan it now so we can all laugh.

Yeah, I would much rather have worked at Hogi Yogi Frozen Yogurt where me and 68 other students applied! You probably would have gotten the job with all of your Goodberry's experience. My second choice was Gringo's Mexican Restaurant because they had funny senorita uniforms with lots of ruffles. Didn't get that one either. Then I applied to be a potato inspector and got hired but my roommate didn't and she was the one with the car. lol! Good times. Did you know potato inspectors (take the rotten ones out of line and throw them away) get paid really well? Ok enough rambling. I love Ricks College!