Thursday, January 31, 2008

I've been tagged

Energy Conservation by Greg

10 Years ago...
Singles ward, working at a construction company in Raleigh as an HR Manager/Marketing Asst./Office Manager and Payroll Clerk probably wondering where exactly my life was going.

Snacks I enjoy
Where do I begin? Doritoes and cottage cheese, fruit, cookies, bowl of cereal, yogurt, candy

Things I would do if I suddenly became a billionaire
Pay off my bills, my family's bills, buy a house with a few acres, travel a bit more, send my kids to really great private schools, invest in getting Greg's movies made, hire a personal chef a few times a week to create delicious gluten, egg, dairy and peanut free dinners for my kids, hire a maid, donate to some worthy causes.

Bad Habits
Procrastination, impulse buying, staying up too late, I know there are more - I'll have to consult Greg on this and get back to you. Ok, I just remembered some that he has said without having to consult him - I leave the lights on when I leave a room alot, and don't put things away when I take them out, and say negative things about myself. There we have it.

5 places I have lived
Lansing, MI, Bowie, MD, Kennewick, WA, Jericho, VT, Rexburg, ID
Continued on next post...

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