Thursday, May 3, 2012

Alive and Kicking

I can't believe I haven't posted since March! Aacck! So much has happened, so much to report on and so many pictures to upload. I'll be trying to catch up this month. I've been spending lots of time recently thinking about and planning for girls camp, getting ready to send off a new kindergartner, warding off spring allergies for all of us, going to and helping plan activity days, keeping a second grader busy during track-out etc. etc. etc. You know exactly how it goes. It is sometimes scary how fast time passes. It is going to seem like just yesterday I wrote this when I am sending my kids off to college. Oh enjoy, enjoy it everyone. It is just going by far too fast. As Parker likes to remind me at least once a day about something or other, "Mom, I am 8 now, I am practically a grown up, I can do it." He is loving scouts and is blossoming there, at school and in the house as our little man. He lives to make others laugh. Liam is a myna bird lately and surprises us so much with the new words he picks up everyday and strings together. What a smartie pants. I adore how he walks and swings one arm. He can also spot a ball of any kind where ever we are it seems, no matter how far away it is and he will dive from your arms to go get it. Meadow is a 5 year old complete delight and likes it when her dad gives her math problems to solve but only the ones she has enough fingers for. :D She has a soaring imagination and surprises us with her insights to the feelings of others. More posts to come soon hopefully!


Sam and Dustin said...

I love your outlook on life. You make me want to be a happier better me. Those girls are going to love you at girls camp.

Heather said...

Thanks Samantha! I love you and you are WOnDerFuL! :)

imabetty said...

I agree with Sam and Dustin!
Love reading your posts, Heather, and absolutely understand how busy life gets and how hard it is to take the time for things like blogging.
Will always enjoy reading your updates when you do have time, though. :-)

Heather said...

Thanks so much Betty!! Now that Girls Camp is over, it is catch up time!!! :D