Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Exciting November continued...

Liam turned one on the 19th. I just can't believe it. My sweet sweet curly headed cutie is 1. We adore this fella. He loved his first cake and kept repeating "num." :) His favorite word is "Cars!" He especially loves books with pictures of real babies and real cars. He says Hi! to everyone we pass in the hallway at church. He gives great hugs and loves the song "celebration" - Celebrate good times, come on. And he especially loves his Brother and Sister (and Dad and Mom). What a blessing Liam has been to our family. :)

Meadow had her Thanksgiving Feast at Preschool and it was really fun to watch her sing her heart out. She is a performer that one. :) We love our Meadow girl!! What a sweet little turkey. :)

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melissa said...

Wow! November WAS an exciting month! Happy Birthday, cute cute Liam! Way to shine, Meadow! That picture of Liam in the last post where he's in his carseat is the best part of my day, so far. Awesome.