Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lego Fest!!

Dream come true for Parker. Greg and Parker had a boys day out the first Saturday of this month while Mamma, Meadow and Liam went to a birthday Party at Monkey Joes.

Lego Fest was held in the Raleigh Convention Center and Parker and Greg got tickets to the 9-2 session. 5 whole hours in a giant convention center filled with other legomaniacs, master builders, giant piles of legos to play in, games where you could win lego prizes, and a giant retail section for the kiddos to drool over. :)

Prize that Parker won in a Ninjago battle. :)

Parker picked this cool little camper to purchase with his spending money. :) He put it together himself.

This was a lego map of the US that everyone could make a building for. The lego employee put your building where you directed (North Carolina was full so Parker chose to put his building dead center) and then the map travels to every city that is hosting a lego festival. Pretty cool!!

Best. Day. Ever.


Catherine said...

Holy Cow! This looks like so much fun!! Those lego characters were awesome and that lego guy on the bench cracked me up with Parker's expression too. Glad he won something and got to get that really cool camper.

Lisa said...

Wow! That looks like an amazing convention - I know Ian would have loved it! Parker also has the coolest lego camper ever! Whoo hoo! Did he also loose a front tooth? He is growing up fast!

imabetty said...

This is amazing!! Who wouldn't love a chance to go to this?! I would have loved being there - and I can think of a few other adults who'd have loved it too. (Particularly some that I raised.) :-)

Heather said...

@Lisa, yes he did and I agree, too fast!!

@Betty - I know! I was a little jealous that I didn't get to go too. :D

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