Sunday, April 3, 2011

Soccer Saturdays!

Spring Season has started and the kids are playing FCC (Futbol Club of Cary). We have been super impressed with it. They only have games on Saturday's and they don't keep score during the games. It is all about having fun and gaining skills/learning to play soccer well. Parker is on a new team this year. His Coach is so great with all of the kids. He is upbeat and positive and gives them a lot of compliments while teaching them at the same time. Parker is enjoying playing more this year. His old coach was pretty competitive and it was not as fun for the kids I think. He yelled a lot, got annoyed and it showed, and he didn't take very much time one on one to make corrections. That being said, he was a volunteer. We finished out the season and then I switched Parker to a new team, yes I did. :)

This is Meadow's first year playing on a real team and she was really excited about it! Her age group does not have a weekly practice, just a 10 minute practice before the games on Saturday. She is so cute during the games because she skips and gallops a lot while running. :) Her team name is the "Heat." Parker's team name is the "Clash." Go Heat! Go Clash!


Gail said...

Love it! I especially love those colorful soccer balls! : )
Way to go Heather on finding the right teams!

Erika said...

They are so cute! What a fun soccer league.