Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Pictures of my Pumpkin Pies

Our kids are all about pulling faces for the camera these days. ;)

Cake from my sweet smart husband for my birthday. :) We had a fun weekend doing family stuff. Hung out at Harris Lake and played frisbee and softball. Made sandcastles and threw rocks in the water. Took the kids to see a movie. Liam slept though half of it and then was pretty intrigued for most of the rest of it. It was a beautiful day!

Prehistoric drawing and card that Parker made me. upper left is a mountain that Meadow made for me. :)

Framed photo of the kids that I loved of course. :)

Practicing and showing off their best jumps for Greg's Cousin Brian that came to visit.


KQ said...

Cute cute kids! Hope you had a happy 25th birthday! :)

Robin Barnes said...

What great pictures Heather. I feel like your family has perfected the art of catching pictures of you guys "in air." Now you just need a pic of Liam doing that and can make a wall collage!

Lisa said...

looks like you had a nice b-day. The kids are precious - I love them at these ages. Liam is like the cutest baby ever. I loved holding him last weekend!!

Gail said...

Love seeing photos of your cute, sweet family.Keep 'em coming!

Laura Crenshaw Chabo said...

Love the pictures! Especially the bespectacled Greg kissing little bespectacled Liam! I can't believe he's only a week or two older then the twins! He seems so grown up! I want to come and play the next time we're in town. I miss you guys!!

Heather said...

oh Laura, that would be so fun!! Miss you too!! And well, he is sort of a moose for his age, lol. :) :)