Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dear Tooth Fairy

Parker lost his first tooth tonight right before bath time!! He is beyond excited about it and he hopped right into bed this evening so that the tooth fairy could come and find his note:

In case it is too hard to read:

"Dear Tooth Fairy, this is my first tooth. I think it is worth at least two dollars $. Love, Parker"


KQ said...

HaHa! Classic.

The Mrs. said...

Way to go Parker!
That tooth definitely looks like it's worth 2 dollars $!
Hopefully the tooth fairy that visits your house will remember to come while you're sleeping, unlike our slacker one who always forgets then tries to play it off by sneaking it into the bed then trying to convince the
lost-tooth-ee that they clearly must have pushed it from under the pillow in their sleep.

Slacker I tell ya!

Gail said...


melissa said...

Hee hee. How nice of him to have his tooth appraised for the Tooth Fairy! Did she deliver?

Heather said...

The tooth fairy wrote a letter and said "My, that is a very nice tooth, and since it is your first tooth and you are a very nice boy, I am leaving you $5 instead of two. Love, The Tooth Fairy" :)

(this will only be happening on first teeth!) lol.

David and Stephanie said...

Cole lost his very first tooth, on the bottom today as well on the way to church. However, our tooth fairy is cheap and only left him .50$ :) Congrats on a little baby boy and love the blanket. Great job for just learning!