Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Things that made me happy this week

It has been a week filled with a lot of joy, just taking a moment to share the good stuff! :)

Watching Meadow pretend to lasso her pretty ponies with a long strip of extra fabric complete with sound effects.

Watching Meadow fly Snow White around in Buzz Lightyear's space ship.

Seeing Parker's amazement that he can see underwater with his goggle mask now that he likes to go underwater. He was just so excited about it and couldn't get enough of it. "It is soo beautiful under the water."

Parker gaining confidence swimming and watching him feel proud of himself.

Meadow using the snorkel to make whale noises.

Meadow pretending to be a spotted catfish.

Parker doing his math packet homework over track-out without much complaining. First Grade homework so far is way less than the amount we had in Kindergarten!

Meadow looking out her bedroom window as the sun was setting. Me: What are you looking at Med? Meadow: I'm looking at the beautiful world Jesus created.

Making a new allergy friendly recipe that both of my kids would eat. One of them even said "Yum." Parker disagreed but he still ate it so I think he secretly thought it was a little bit yum.

It was sad to get released from YW but I am happy to get to work with the Achievement day girls! :)

A hard working, sweet husband.

A ward full of amazing women.

The support of Family and Friends.

The names our children came up with for the baby. "Squirty." "Jack-Jack." "Baby Bowser."

Meadow saying "I can't wait until Thanksgiving when the baby comes. It's just so exiting!"

Vanilla with blackberry concrete from Goodberrys.

Finished Painting Meadow's room pink and one wall with a flower/vine design. It about killed me, but now that it is done, I like to go in there and sit and look at it -- Pictures to come!

There was probably more but my heart is full of gratitude at the moment and life is good. :)


melissa said...

Wishing I could enjoy a vanilla and blackberry concrete while enjoying the beautiful earth Jesus created. :) Can't wait for little Squirly to get here!

Rob said...

May I just get my vote in for Baby Bowser =)

HAYHAY said...

OH my favorite is Meadow watching the sunset. I love your week also. It's good to just step back for a while and enjoy beautiful curious souls in your home.

Amber said...

Heather don't do too much! I got put on bedrest after painting Brady's nursery...too much acid in blood work! Good week!

Robin said...

Even though you can't post pictures, it's still my favorite blog.

Gail said...

How sweet. Thanks for sharing.

Heather said...

Thanks All :)

Thank you Robin!! -- I hope to remedy the pictures soon!! It was so fun to see you and Cash last week!!

Laura Crenshaw Chabo said...

so cute! (and I vote for 'Squirty') :)

bobcrenshaw said...

- "It is soo beautiful under the water." - I still love to use my goggles under water!
- "I'm looking at the beautiful world Jesus created." - I need to be more like a child.
- "Vanilla with blackberry concrete from Goodberrys." - I so miss Goodberrys

bobcrenshaw said...

And for your son's name: I like "Jack-Jack" or even better... "Jack Frost Winters" -- LOL!!

Hindmarsh Family said...

oh, man.... do we miss Goodberry's!!
There is nothing like a sandstorm! Do they still make those?

imabetty said...

It makes my heart happy to read your post! :-)