Friday, March 19, 2010

"He's a little Fella."

"He fit right in my armpit." Direct quote from Greg after meeting Chris Daughtry last week in Greensboro on a shoot for Sony Music for CD's (Chris Daughtry's) website. He also said that he was an extremely nice guy. Check out some clips from the shoot here! From the website, it looks like they may rebroadcast the entire show tonight at 8pm also.

Disclaimer: Greg wants everyone to know that they shot in a shoe box of a hotel room that had that terrible white curtain that they had to work with so he is disappointed with the way it looks but didn't have much of an option. lol.

What I learned about CD that I didn't know:

1 - He is not really bald.
2 - He likes Reeses Pieces.
3 - He and his drummer (guy in the hat) are very funny together and finish eachother's sentences.
4 - He loves to go to movies when he is not busy touring.
5 - He is a recovering Facebook addict
6 - He is still happily married :)

I think this is the audio guy working from the bathroom also. lol


melissa said...

He likes Reece's Pieces?! I like Reece's Pieces! I'm not really bald, either! We're like twins!

Those were cool video clips. I really like his music. Who's the lady in the picture?

Rich said...

I'm old and not cool, I don't even know who Chris Daughtry is...seriously. Is he from American Idol?

Heather said...

@ Melissa - The girl on the left as well as the audio guy work with Greg. She is a huge fan and begged to come help with the shoot, which is why she is grinning so large :)

@ Rich - lol. Yes, he is from American Idol the 2nd runner up a couple of years back. You're totally cool, you just don't recognize him because he is usually bald - wink, wink. :D I think his most well known song is "I'm coming home."

K.Q. said...

Oh Man! That is so awesome!

Melissa, I think we're actually triplets.

Rich, you are so lame. :)

Heather, he totally was NOT 2nd runner up. He came in 5th. America (meaning me) was devastated. But it turned out better for him, because he wasn't tied into a contract with American Idol and could go back to his band and be super successful. You're welcome. :)

Heather said...

Keeks! That's right! I remember we were shocked too that he went home and we decided it was best for the same reason. I remember wondering if I cared to see who won because he was gone.

And shame on me ;0) Thanks!

melissa said...

Totally shame on you. But mostly shame on Rich. Come on!

Heather said...


HAYHAY said...

THAT is so cool!

Rich said...

In my defense:

1) I refuse to watch American Idol, but the ultimate Dance Crew show is cool to watch sometimes with Erika.

2) Daughtry looks a lot better with hair.

3) No men have criticized me. :)

Cara K said...

Aren't we all recovering Facebook addicts?
Your Greg has the coolest job
Though mine does get to visit wind farms in New York and nothing says cool like eco-friendly forms of alternate energy!